EJF Laboratories renews its membership to the Chamber of Commerce of Panama

EJF Laboratories, a company founded in 2009 by a multidisciplinary team of pathologists, microbiologists and immunologists in the manufacture of vaccines, renewed its membership to the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP). The ceremony took place on May 14 at the facilities of the institution in Panama City.

EJF Laboratories, managed by Mr. Enzo Rodríguez, manufactures and markets vaccines, antibiotics and enzymes aimed at the agri-food industry. It should be noted that EJF Laboratories pioneers the development of vaccines for animal production in Panama. Legislation in this specific field is scarce in the Central American country and, in this sense, EJF’s knowledge and expertise is of great value for the Chamber’s business association regarding the development of new regulations.

During the ceremony, the Chamber’s outgoing chairman, Mr. Gabriel Barletta, stated that the business association will provide its advisory services to affiliates in “the defense, communications and business opportunities, in the aim of seeking economic growth and development of each of its members and Panama. “

About the Chamber of Commerce of Panama

The CCIAP, founded in 1915 and recently chaired by Mr. Jorge Juan de la Guardia, is the main private sector association in the country with 1,800 member companies classified in 15 key sectors of the economy. The main objective of the entity is focused on fostering the growth of industrial, agricultural, commercial and services activity, as well as giving support in the study of economic and social phenomena that have an impact on the Panamanian economic development.