corporatePrivate capital corporation organized and existing under the laws of the Republic of Panama, as recorded in Deed No. 18,670 of Notary First Circuit of Panama, registered in the Listing Document 1657623 676 963 Mercantile Section Public Registry the October 5, 2009.

Activity: the manufacture, marketing and export of veterinary products, particularly products derived from biotechnology whose activities can be expanded to adapt to market needs:

  • Alquervac line Vaccines
  • Alquerplus line Antibiotics
  • Alquerpro line Enzymes
  • Alquerlab line Test kits

Our goal is to transfer knowledge and experience to Panamanian professional-scientists who aspire to collaborate and develop in a Biotechnology Laboratory whose specialty is the production of Biological (Vaccines Veterinary / Farm Animal) Food and biosecurity -, competing globally and also has an international recognition.